How do you sleep?

American psychologists Mark Gulston and Samuel Dunkell drew attention to the fact that couples share their sleeping place in different ways. When we sleep, our bodies are at their most honest condition, so nighttime can tell a lot about the relationships between lovers.

One of the most popular pose is called ‘spoons.’ It looks like this: people are sleeping side-by-side, the bodies are very close. This is one of the most well-spread pose among people during the first few years of their relationships. Love and affection are strongly expressed. It looks like a vertical position, when the lovers give each other a back-to-front hug. This is also a sign of care, as traditionally a male is behind: he’s a protector of his family. Though there are women who prefer wrapping their partners: this is an indicator of a female-driven kind of relationships.

The second pose is called ‘Back to back .” Some people say this is a sign of lack of closeness and warmth between the lovers. This is an alarming thing: people start losing interest to each other.

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Food in Italian Hotels

As a rule the restaurants in the Italian hotels don’t strike the tourists’ imagination with the diversity and the length of their smorgasbords. The food there is of a high quality but without any refinements. The Italians usually don’t adjust the food to the foreigners’ tastes and offer the dishes according to their idea of delicious food. The breakfast in the Italian hotels my be of one from the number of different types which depend upon the hotel’s policy and its category.

Continental is the breakfast which means that you will be offered a cup of tea or coffee, buns, croissants, butter, cottage cheese and jam. But be sure that it’s enough to provide you with he energy during the whole morning.
Continental rinforzata is so called “enforced” version of continental breakfast which implies additional fresh juice, scrambled eggs and sliced ham with cheese.

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How To Draw Graffiti: Tips For Newbies

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably seen the bright and colorful paintings and writings on the walls of your city. The opinions about this type of arts are polarized between two diametrically opposing groups. Some people associate graffiti with tasteless “quasi-art”; some folks say it is nothing but vandalism and teenagers’ hormones outburst; and finally, there are people who adore graffiti and consider it as the main branch of street art – the only type of independent and non-corrupted way of self-expression. So, if you belong to the last type and know what all those brushes, paints and stencils are for and can handle them, you’d be glad to check a couple of easy tips for drawing graffiti.

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