Food in Italian Hotels

As a rule the restaurants in the Italian hotels don’t strike the tourists’ imagination with the diversity and the length of their smorgasbords. The food there is of a high quality but without any refinements. The Italians usually don’t adjust the food to the foreigners’ tastes and offer the dishes according to their idea of delicious food. The breakfast in the Italian hotels my be of one from the number of different types which depend upon the hotel’s policy and its category.

Continental is the breakfast which means that you will be offered a cup of tea or coffee, buns, croissants, butter, cottage cheese and jam. But be sure that it’s enough to provide you with he energy during the whole morning.
Continental rinforzata is so called “enforced” version of continental breakfast which implies additional fresh juice, scrambled eggs and sliced ham with cheese.

Open breakfast is a one during which the tourists will have the unlimited opportunity to fill their plates with the snacks from the smorgasbord. But this service doesn’t provide any hot dishes, even boiled eggs.

What goes for supper here the economy class hotels offer a standard menu with without any variable options. The middle class hotels may offer the almost the same menu but with two or three options available. The 3* superior ones usually provide their guests with the open table with a larger number of choices. The luxury hotels are always defendant on their guests demands and have a vast collection of the haute cuisine dishes in their resource.

Some tourists are surprised when they find out that for the first course the are served with a bowl of soup and not the expected pasta. The beverages are paid for separately as in the other European countries. Many small hotels in the center of Rome offer the placement with the suppers and not breakfasts as a cheaper option, as there is no kitchen there. In these cases the tourists may get their evening servings of hot food in the nearest cafe.

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  1. Good thing I’m not staying in a hotel when I’m in Italy then!

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