How do you sleep?

American psychologists Mark Gulston and Samuel Dunkell drew attention to the fact that couples share their sleeping place in different ways. When we sleep, our bodies are at their most honest condition, so nighttime can tell a lot about the relationships between lovers.

One of the most popular pose is called ‘spoons.’ It looks like this: people are sleeping side-by-side, the bodies are very close. This is one of the most well-spread pose among people during the first few years of their relationships. Love and affection are strongly expressed. It looks like a vertical position, when the lovers give each other a back-to-front hug. This is also a sign of care, as traditionally a male is behind: he’s a protector of his family. Though there are women who prefer wrapping their partners: this is an indicator of a female-driven kind of relationships.

The second pose is called ‘Back to back .” Some people say this is a sign of lack of closeness and warmth between the lovers. This is an alarming thing: people start losing interest to each other.

The position, called ‘Boat’ looks like the previous one, but the difference is that lovers’ legs are crossed, forming ‘a bow’ of a boat. This position signifies their sexual tension and appeal, but they both are for independence in relationships.

I would call the next pose ‘Kittens’, as the limbs of the lovers are softly intertwined. That means the partners are in love with each other, and can’t leave each other even for a minute. People who are recently in love choose this position.

One more early-on in the relationship position is ‘Face-To-Face’. But this is not quite comfortable. It’s good when you want to kiss your partner, but not to sleep all night long, breathing on each other.

Wrapping in each other’s arms is another good position, which is also considered to be an after-sex position. Still often it’s impossible to keep this pose all night long, as at least one partner’s arm falls asleep.

And finally, sleeping separately. The lovers could sleep with a big gap between each other, or occupy twin beds, or even separate bedrooms. This is a signal that the closeness is totally lost. It can also happen if the partners quarreled with each other, but during the early years it’s temporary and for a good cause. But when the lovers sleep for long months this way, it means that the sexual part of the relationship is over. Many couples after 60 sleep separately, but in this case it’s not necessarily a terrible thing; they have already had enough fun before, and now it’s high time to give each other the proper rest , as sleeping together still means too much noise, snoring, teeth grinding, blanket issues, etc.

Well, did you find you and your partner among these description? What do you think it says about your relationship and your future? Anyway, don’t judge yourself strict if you sleep separately or back-to back. All people are unique and some of us need more personal space. There are many examples of the partners who are together for years and have solid long-lasting relationships, but sleep apart. So, it’s all about your needs and desires.

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