The Most Creepy Tribe of the World

One of the most unusual tribes of the world called Mursi lives in Ethiopia. Mursi is considered to be the most aggressive nationality of all the existing ones. Every Mursi man carries a gun with him to shoot anyone who dares to insult him. The guns are supplied illegally. The men use to drink alcohol every morning so the bloody murders are a common thing to happen there. The ones who don’t have a gun carry a long and heavy stick to beat up the foes and establish his leadership.

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To a man with a big nose.

Approximately half a year ago I was sitting in the cafe having lunch. Once I caught a very intent look on me, and realized that a very handsome man was giving me a piercing glance. He was extremely attractive, brown-eyed, neat… and sexy. And had a thought: Is that cutie as good in bed as well he looks? It was something subconscious, don’t judge me too strictly. But I’ll go ahead and tell you that he came up to my table and we made the acquaintance.

So, many women are trying to figure out the outer signs of men’s sex appeal. Although everything is not that clear – as a rule, and we are often mistaken. Let’s start with height and figure. In our romantic dreams, we always see a tall, slim, brawny macho, but not ordinary shorties at all. Although, evidence suggests, that you can take much more endearment from such imperfect men who will try to compensate for there outward shortcomings.

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Last shelter.

Architecture is something I’ve always been interested in. Palaces, unusual houses, installations compose a great and still unknown world. By the way, not so many people know that cemeteries can also be exciting from the point of view of architecture. For example, did you know there is an underwater cemetery?

Neptune Memorial Reef is an underwater mausoleum for cremated remains in the USA. It is situated six kilometers far from the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida. The cemetery area is about 56 square kilometers and it can accommodate 850 graves. And it looks witching with all the reefs and fish swimming around the ornate monuments.

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When dreams come true.

Are you a dreamy person? Do you really want all your dreams come true? Seriously? They say that the thoughts become things so be careful wishing something. Yogi Gupta wrote once that “thoughts and things are correlated. Every thought reminds you of a thing. Similarly, every thing reminds of a thought. Always there is an action and reaction between things and thoughts. Things react to your thoughts, and thoughts react to things. […] According to the modern sciences of psychology, physiology and metaphysics, it has been proven that thoughts do transform, rearrange and set into motion and activity the material particles in our brains thereby creating a specific mental state ”.

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Philippine Adventures

Philippines are the archipelago which consists of more than seven thousands islands and is perfect for those who love adventures, summer, warm sea and are ready to make a long trip to find paradise on earth.

The capital of Philippines, Manila, presents a huge megalopolises of seventeen accreted cities. Their common name is Big Manila, and Manila itself is only one of these cities situated on the shore of the Pasig River. Here you are provided with an excellent opportunity for shopping as you can find high quality for low prices. In mall Robinson and in the biggest mall SM Mall of Asia on the seashore you can find practically all European, American and Asian brands.

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Mimes – the Masters of Silent Art

The real art does not need any words. The language of the body, the expression of the face, smiles and posture are sufficient means to show the feelings or tell the story. This fact is proved by the centuries of the existence and popularity of the mime art.

The art of miming has originated from ancient Greece. Later the mimetic style became popular in theater and, in the beginning of the twentieth century it has acquired the world fame due to the development of cinematographic art. The first movies were silent and it gave the mimes an opportunity to reveal their talent to the full extent. Among the most famous mime artists of that period are Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton. They began their carriers as theater performers and then starred in cinema masterpieces like “City Lights”, “The Gold Rush” and “Seven Chances”.

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Attitude to Pregnancy in Different Cultures

Every nation is unique and the cultures have different values and world images. But all of them coincide in one thing: the birth of a baby is a great mystery and the biggest happiness foe each woman. The attitude towards pregnancy is described as athrob and respectful. This is the most important period of life for every couple. But different countries have various traditions and beliefs connected with pregnancy.

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