Attitude to Pregnancy in Different Cultures

Every nation is unique and the cultures have different values and world images. But all of them coincide in one thing: the birth of a baby is a great mystery and the biggest happiness foe each woman. The attitude towards pregnancy is described as athrob and respectful. This is the most important period of life for every couple. But different countries have various traditions and beliefs connected with pregnancy.

That may sound surprising but in ancient India the children were “brought up” even before the were born. Three months later after the conception the unborn babies were engrained the beautiful and good. The pregnant women were dressed up in the best garments that were made of artfully embroidered and expensive cloth and laces. They were surrounded with the skillfully decorated fine objects and utensils. Everything in the view of a pregnant woman was to be pleasant and nice.

In Japan every pregnant woman was obliged to listen to the mild and soothing music. The people believed that it had a positive influence upon the mother and the baby. The concerts in honor of the pregnant women took place in some of the prefectures in ancient Japan.

The tradition of pregnant women singing is a very old one. In the Eastern countries there was a wide-spread belief that the woman waiting for a baby had to be put in the best environment possible to maintain the regular development and the healthy birth of her baby. In ancient China there were special reserved settlements for the pregnant, where the last were surrounded by the silence and peace. The women living in these special “hotels” created art objects, danced, painted, played the musical instruments allowed and sang. They ate only the dainties. All the food was blessed in a temple. The ancient people thought that the positive environment would make the child beautiful and talented.

In the European countries the baby was considered the most valuable gift from the God and when the husband found out that his wife was waiting for a baby he was to give her a piece of a jewelery. In ancient Britain the pregnant women should paint the paradise birds and magic flowers. It was considered that in such was the mother will transmit the beauty of the world to her baby and make him or her a talented person with a fine taste. The pregnant women were supposed to be free from any sins, as the child was a blessing.

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