Mimes – the Masters of Silent Art

The real art does not need any words. The language of the body, the expression of the face, smiles and posture are sufficient means to show the feelings or tell the story. This fact is proved by the centuries of the existence and popularity of the mime art.

The art of miming has originated from ancient Greece. Later the mimetic style became popular in theater and, in the beginning of the twentieth century it has acquired the world fame due to the development of cinematographic art. The first movies were silent and it gave the mimes an opportunity to reveal their talent to the full extent. Among the most famous mime artists of that period are Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton. They began their carriers as theater performers and then starred in cinema masterpieces like “City Lights”, “The Gold Rush” and “Seven Chances”.

With the growth of popularity of the mime art the type of street mimic performance has developed. Mime actors and actresses can be found on the streets and squares of the city wearing tight black or white costumes and facial makeup. They usually tell funny silent stories, but the genre of tragedy is also can be sometimes seen in the mimic interpretation.

From the first sight it sees very difficult to perform without words and be understood by the audience. With practice, however, you will see that sometimes it is even easier to touch people’s hearts with the help of body language only. If you want to enter the world of mimic art you should observe some useful recommendations.

First, your appearance. Cover your face with white paint, use black eyeliner and mascara for your eyes and lashes. The eyes will help you to express your thoughts so they should be clearly the most noticeable part of your face. Do not forget also about your mouth – it is also very important in this art so it should be colored with bright red lipstick. Decide which character you would like to represent – if the sad one you will have to draw a tear on your cheek, the merry one will need red heart or pink blush.

Before your first real performance you should practice a lot in front of the mirror to learn which techniques and gestures produce the most powerful effect. Develop your creative skills and use your imagination to create stories you will tell. To make these stories look real you should present in the illusion yourself.

Miming includes imagining the objects which are not here and performing some actions with them. One of the most popular mimic techniques is climbing the ladder. Grab the air tightly as if it is a ladder rung and put one leg to another invisible rung. Alternate your hands and legs and keep looking upwards as if you are trying to see where the end of the ladder is.

Or you may try taking on the wind. Pretend that there is a very strong wind and make your way struggling with it. You can also show that you are having an umbrella in your hands which is constantly trying to fly away.

By using different mimic actions you can create a story and make your performance more interesting. Involve the audience in your story, fall in love, give flowers and show a wide range of different other emotions.

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