Philippine Adventures

Philippines are the archipelago which consists of more than seven thousands islands and is perfect for those who love adventures, summer, warm sea and are ready to make a long trip to find paradise on earth.

The capital of Philippines, Manila, presents a huge megalopolises of seventeen accreted cities. Their common name is Big Manila, and Manila itself is only one of these cities situated on the shore of the Pasig River. Here you are provided with an excellent opportunity for shopping as you can find high quality for low prices. In mall Robinson and in the biggest mall SM Mall of Asia on the seashore you can find practically all European, American and Asian brands.

If you do not belong to the community of passionate shopoholics and are interested in more active types of entertainment you should visit Boracay island. The main place here is the White beach where you can stay in Robinson-style hut. The beach Bolabog is ideal for wind surfing, and the bay near Crocodile island – for diving. On the mountain Luho which is 100 meters height you can caress flying foxes or visit the museum of sea shells. Boracay is also called Asian Ibiza as in the evenings disco nights begin in all restaurants along the beach.

On the Cebu island you can receive an impression of what the Philippines of colonial times looked like. It was on this island where Magellan first landed in 1521. Here you can visit Casa Gorordo Museum and Chinese Taoist Temple. If you still do not forget your shopping ambitions, you can satisfy them on night market on Colon street. There you can buy all kinds of pearls, clothes and souvenirs.

All in all, Philippines are an excellent place to relax as the main word on these isles is “bahalana” which means “come what may”.

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