When dreams come true.

Are you a dreamy person? Do you really want all your dreams come true? Seriously? They say that the thoughts become things so be careful wishing something. Yogi Gupta wrote once that “thoughts and things are correlated. Every thought reminds you of a thing. Similarly, every thing reminds of a thought. Always there is an action and reaction between things and thoughts. Things react to your thoughts, and thoughts react to things. […] According to the modern sciences of psychology, physiology and metaphysics, it has been proven that thoughts do transform, rearrange and set into motion and activity the material particles in our brains thereby creating a specific mental state ”.

Well, it sounds convincing indeed but due to some reasons I was pretty skeptical about these ideas for some period of time. But I changed my mind when realized what had happen to a friend of mine who is quite dreamy person indeed. His name is Jonathan, he is a graduate of Leeds College of Art and Design. His major was graphic design and he was pretty good at it. But his true passion was Sweden and everything connected to this country; absolutely everything: people, culture, music, cinema, history and many other things. He was crazy about it. Thus he decided to move to Sweden after graduation to study Swedish while participating in the International internship. Jonathan spent a year to prepare to his trip. Every single time we met we were discussing how beautiful and wonderful Sweden was. He was literally dreaming about his future over there. He was planning to stay in Sweden for one year and obviously he wanted to return to the country once again. It was wonderful to look at him and his desire to connect his entire life with this country.

Jonathan was planning to move in the very beginning of August, 2008. It seems like he even booked the ticket. But another day we decided to meet along with our friends to hang out and have fun. It was nothing special. We did it regularly especially in summer. But it was very special evening for Jonathan. Why so? Well, because there was Jessica, very nice girl who came with our mutual friend. She came by accident. And it changed their lives as it was a love at first sight. He spent the whole evening chatting with Jessica. They started dating soon. It was a bit dramatic because they loved each other but at the same time Jonathan was ready to leave for Stockholm to meet his dream. It was a dilemma for him whether to stay with Jessica or to move to Sweden. And he decided to move mainly because he didn’t want to ruin her life complaining he wished he left her in case they would fail. Jessica was upset but she decided not to intervene and left things as they were even though she wanted him to stay.

But the story has happy end as in a movie. In a month Jonathan came back to meet his true love, Jessica. And it wasn’t too difficult for him to do it. He didn’t regret about it at all.

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