Last shelter.

Architecture is something I’ve always been interested in. Palaces, unusual houses, installations compose a great and still unknown world. By the way, not so many people know that cemeteries can also be exciting from the point of view of architecture. For example, did you know there is an underwater cemetery?

Neptune Memorial Reef is an underwater mausoleum for cremated remains in the USA. It is situated six kilometers far from the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida. The cemetery area is about 56 square kilometers and it can accommodate 850 graves. And it looks witching with all the reefs and fish swimming around the ornate monuments.

In Bolivia people pay ten thousand dollars to bury a person in the vault. An interesting fact is that a body can stay inside the vault just for 7 years, then it is transported to the ground for 20 years more and only then the remains are exterminated. Bolivians believe that very few people are worthy of more than 27 years of mourning. It should be pointed out that people are buried according to the professional principle: there are areas just with teachers, lawyers, artists. The vaults looks unusual: children’s graves are decorated with the pictures of Disney characters, toys and soda bottles. Adults bring bottles of liquor and cigarettes to the grown-ups cemetery.

Village Dargavs is North Osetia, Russia, attracts many tourists. The thing is that there you can find an ancient graveyard with hundreds rock tombs, where people are buried with clothes and things. The first mention of this cemetery belongs to the 14th century. These little houses with brown roof look like mushrooms on the hill after the rain. It’s scaring but peaceful.

One more interesting cemetery was found in the place to the north from Tibet. The bodies were buried over 4000 years ago, but remain in the same condition thanks to dry air. An exciting fact is that people buried there had European features: brown hair and long noses, though the cemetery is located on the territory of the modern Chinese province. The remains were found under the overturned boats. Just imagine! In the middle of one of the largest deserts in the world! Instead of tombstones there was a forest of phallic symbols, which, according to scientists, symbolize deep interest in getting pleasure and utility of procreation.

People of Sagada, the Philippines people, have also developed a unique burial ritual. Before death each person prepares his own coffin, cutting it out of the whole log. If a man is too weak or ill, the coffin will be made by his son or other close relatives. The coffins are very narrow, that’s why to put a dead man into the box they pressed the body, so that the bones crack. After that the coffin is hung high on the rock near the coffins of the man’s ancestors. People of Segada have been doing this ritual for more than 2000 years.

Argentina is famous for the cemetery Rekoletta with its amazingly beautiful architecture and sculptures. In 1946 the cemetery was announced the National History Museum – there you can find the graves of national heroes, great scientists, famous artists.

So as you can see, not only houses are objects of architecture! Keep your mind wide open!

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