To a man with a big nose.

Approximately half a year ago I was sitting in the cafe having lunch. Once I caught a very intent look on me, and realized that a very handsome man was giving me a piercing glance. He was extremely attractive, brown-eyed, neat… and sexy. And had a thought: Is that cutie as good in bed as well he looks? It was something subconscious, don’t judge me too strictly. But I’ll go ahead and tell you that he came up to my table and we made the acquaintance.

So, many women are trying to figure out the outer signs of men’s sex appeal. Although everything is not that clear – as a rule, and we are often mistaken. Let’s start with height and figure. In our romantic dreams, we always see a tall, slim, brawny macho, but not ordinary shorties at all. Although, evidence suggests, that you can take much more endearment from such imperfect men who will try to compensate for there outward shortcomings.

They also say that the most passionate lovers are hairy men. The reason for it a great amount of testosterone in the blood. Our ancestors were hairy too, and their main purpose was propagation. That means the similarity of a man with our forefathers can be evidence of his aspiration for gratifying his female. Though instead of impressive sexual activity, hairy lovers are often not that liked by women just for aesthetic reasons.

They also say that hair on the head mean much. Brunettes often tend to dominate in bed, but nature has endowed them with a variety of sexual talents and imagination. Blondes are more predictable and accommodating in love. A fair-haired boyfriend would be happy to follow your script. Brown-haired men are the least predictable, as they combine the features of both types. It’s proved that men with coarse hair are also more ‘inflexible’ in bed, than the owners of soft hair.

Let’s talk about leg. Long and slender muscular legs attract admiring female glances. But they can’t guarantee that the owner will be as perfect in bed. But if legs seem shorter in comparison with his trunk, it’s the exact indicator of his tirelessness in sex games.

Then, nose. That’s one of the most controversial part of the male body. According to a popular opinion, the larger the nose- the more impressive the owner in bed. In fact, the other theory has been confirmed: if a nose is thick and fleshy, it’s very likelihood the penis is also impressive.

Then, a high-strung man is also excitable people in his relationships with a woman. External manifestations of it are jerky movements, rapid reaction, sometimes hot sweaty palms. These are so-called cholerics, and they’d rather be durable to control their emotionality.

That all are just guesses. People differ. Trust your intuition, and don’t be afraid of testing your candidate in practice. This way you’ll put everything into place.

By the way, that guy from the cafe was very good in bed. And he is STILL good in bed, if you know what I mean.

Good luck!

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