The Most Creepy Tribe of the World

One of the most unusual tribes of the world called Mursi lives in Ethiopia. Mursi is considered to be the most aggressive nationality of all the existing ones. Every Mursi man carries a gun with him to shoot anyone who dares to insult him. The guns are supplied illegally. The men use to drink alcohol every morning so the bloody murders are a common thing to happen there. The ones who don’t have a gun carry a long and heavy stick to beat up the foes and establish his leadership.

The specific smell of their bodies can be explained not by the lack of hygienic procedures but by the special substances aimed to repel the insects.

The most beautiful Mursi women may seem horrifying for the Europeans. Their hairstyles are decorated with the insects and the bones of dead animals. But the thing they are famous for is the lip plate. Every young girl cuts her lip and inserts a small ceramics round plate in it. The plates are substituted for the larger ones each year. The bigger is the plate in the lip of the bride the more cows her future husband gets. Another terrifying body modification typical of these people is the prominent patterns on their bellies. These unusual “tattoos” are made of the larvae that are inserted under the skin and arranged in a certain order to make a unique pattern.

Besides the body modifications the creepy jewelery decorates the Mursi women. Many of them wear the necklaces made of the human phalanges which are smeared with the human fat daily. To make one such necklace thy need from four to six hands of their enemies.

Their frightening look is explained by the historical events. These people were forced to be slaves 200 years ago. To avoid this destine they lacerated themselves and this practice became the part of their culture.

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