Funny Treatment

Hospitals are not supposed to be the places of fun or entertainment. However, if the patients are very young and their disease is serious, certain exceptions are made to make the process of their treatment or rehabilitation a little bit brighter. One of the most famous methods which have already proved its efficiency is the clown therapy.

The whole process has started in New York, USA, where the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit was founded in 1986. Nowadays this program became very popular and is widely used in hospitals all over the world. Professional clowns as well as volunteers visit hospitals and show bright performances to cheer the patients up. Originally they worked with kids, but adult patients sometimes need this kind of therapy, too. In the beginning of this movement clowns were viewed just as some additional help meant to bring some fun in the grey hospital routine. However, some physicians consider that clown therapy plays not the last role in the process of healing as well.

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Staying Friends with Your Ex

When the relations are over, you have two options – to leave them in the past or try to stay friends with your ex. To lose a part of your life is always difficult and some of us share the illusion that it is possible to make good friendship out of unsuccessful romance.

However, almost in all cases the break up is the decision of one person, while the other one continues to hope that the partner will return. So, when you suggest staying friends your boyfriend can seize this opportunity to remain close to you till you understand your mistake, see how awesome he is and change your mind.

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Is it cool to be rich?

Many of us dreamed about wealthy life and about rich parents. At first sight it looks cool indeed. Being rich you may afford whatever you want. Another Valentino dress? Why not? It is not a problem at all. Invite a Hollywood superstar to your party? Sure! Do you want a new cabriolet? Oh dear, do not worry, it will delivered tomorrow. It really sounds like a dream. Many of us are dreaming about careless and easy life. But money wouldn’t ease your life at all. Well, it depends on you and your parent of course. But there are so many examples of it. Let’s try to sort out in the subject.

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Fish Defile

Fish is an exceptionally useful product. Fish dishes can become an excellent addition for romantic supper, light snack or party evening. Here are several recipes which will help you to discover that fish is not only useful but very tasty as well.

Rolls with zucchini and salmon can play the role of perfect snacks as it is extremely easy to prepare them. For 20-25 rolls you will need 200 gr. of salmon fillet, two zucchinis, 100 gr. of butter, lemon juice, 50 gr. of pine nuts, olive oil, salt, pepper and cress for decoration.

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Exhibitions to See in 2012

Nowadays it is quite easy to join the world of art as different museums and exhibitions all over the world provide us with an opportunity to see the greatest masterpieces of art without restriction. The only thing needed is your desire and eagerness to percepts the beauty. Here are some interesting exhibitions which take place in 2012 and can help you to satisfy your aesthetic hunger.

It seems that Egyptian art will always be in fashion. However, there is no need to travel as far as Cairo to enjoy the pieces of art of this ancient civilization. Exhibition King Tut will be available in Seattle since May, 24 till January, 16, 2013. It will be located in the pacific Science center. As this exhibition is the creation of National Geographic you can be sure that you will receive strong impressions from visiting this event.

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Forgive me, please, the fans of popular series, but this article is not about the adventures on the mysterious island. Forgive me also those who are in search of their way in life and of some psychological advice on this topic, as this article is not about finding yourself as well. It is just about me and my topographic idiocy.

The fact is, I totally can not orientate in space. When I was in middle school I came to visit my friend who lived a few blocks away from me. However, short distance did not help me as on my way back home I got lost practically in a few buildings and it took me an hour to cover the way which normally should be done in ten minutes.

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5 Most Dangerous Cults Ever

  • Ho-no-Hana is the Japanese neobuddhist sect which was founded in 1987. The name of the cult denotes “ the teaching of a flower”. The followers of the cult believed that their leader Hogen Fukunaga possessed the supernatural power and was able to see the past and predict the future by looking at people’s legs.

At the most successful times the number of the Ho-no-Hana reached 30 thousand of people. The leader of the sect was a fraud who promised to heal the severe diseases such as cancer or AIDS for the significant sums of money.

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