5 Most Dangerous Cults Ever

  • Ho-no-Hana is the Japanese neobuddhist sect which was founded in 1987. The name of the cult denotes “ the teaching of a flower”. The followers of the cult believed that their leader Hogen Fukunaga possessed the supernatural power and was able to see the past and predict the future by looking at people’s legs.

At the most successful times the number of the Ho-no-Hana reached 30 thousand of people. The leader of the sect was a fraud who promised to heal the severe diseases such as cancer or AIDS for the significant sums of money.

  • The Raeliano cult appeared in France in the middle of the twentieth century. The founder of this sect claimed that he intends to go down the crater of an extinct volcano on the 13th of December in 1973 and meet the aliens there. Later he stated that the aliens created the humankind with the help of the genetic technologies and told him the secret of the eternal life. One of the worshipers was supposed to be the first living human clone.
  • One of the most dangerous cults ever was the one founded by the dismissed Indian student named Radjnish. He hated humankind and didn’t even try to hide his repulsion. The true motives of his actions didn’t scare off his followers however. The practices of this community were disturbing and traumatizing but that didn’t prevent the parents from bringing their children to the sect. The only things that interested Radjnish were power and money. He is accused of the mass poisoning of his followers.

  • The mentally disordered maniac Charles Manson who was accused of several murders considered himself to be a great prophet. He promoted the war between the white and black races and appealed to the people to support it. The sect founded by him in the USA ceased to exist in 1977 when he was arrested. But the secret group of his worshiper still can be come across.
  • The destructive cult “Heaven’s Gate” was founded in 1979 by Marshall Applewhite and Bonny Nettles. In 1997 Marshall managed to convince 39 people to commit suicide. He promised the adepts that after the death their bodies will be taken to space where the eternal life would be possible. The followers of this cult studied the Bible carefully and wore black robes and gloves to diminish all their passions and desires. The leaders of the cult stated that all the communication between the adepts is possible only in written form.
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