Forgive me, please, the fans of popular series, but this article is not about the adventures on the mysterious island. Forgive me also those who are in search of their way in life and of some psychological advice on this topic, as this article is not about finding yourself as well. It is just about me and my topographic idiocy.

The fact is, I totally can not orientate in space. When I was in middle school I came to visit my friend who lived a few blocks away from me. However, short distance did not help me as on my way back home I got lost practically in a few buildings and it took me an hour to cover the way which normally should be done in ten minutes.

I can only surprise why, with my amazing talent of disorientation I have decided to go to the forest to collect mushrooms while I were staying in Finland. I am not such a great fan of mushrooms, by the way, but I thought that it would be interesting to walk in the forest together with my friend, and interesting it was indeed.

As it often happens to me, I became dreamy and did not notice how I lost the sight of my friend and then the road itself. The forest was becoming denser and denser and I got no idea of which direction to choose. After walking in this manner for an hour or two I understood that the whole affair turns out to be a bad joke. My phone was with me, but the signal disappeared.

I remembered an old trick of changing socks which is believed to help to find the way out and as I had no other plans I put the left one on my right foot and vice versa. I don’t know whether it was the magic of socks or just coincidence but I came to a lake with a lonely boat on the shore. However, there were nobody to ask the way, not mentioning the fact that I do not speak Finnish, so I left the lake behind and continued my way.

It is wonderful, how many thoughts come to your head when you are lost in the forest and it is getting darker. I thought of food, of where to sleep, of why I am such a desperate topographic idiot and even of the sense of life. When, amidst all these gloomy thoughts I suddenly spotted the road I could not believe my eyes. I was running along this path and feeling like I was given a second birth. After a while I came to a farm where I was spending my vacation and where everybody was preparing for the rescuing expedition.

This experience made me change my attitude towards the lack of certain skills. Now I think that if you can not do something, you should learn how to do it. So, now I learn the science of terrain orientation and get ready to fight my phobia of forests and concrete jungle as well.

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