Exhibitions to See in 2012

Nowadays it is quite easy to join the world of art as different museums and exhibitions all over the world provide us with an opportunity to see the greatest masterpieces of art without restriction. The only thing needed is your desire and eagerness to percepts the beauty. Here are some interesting exhibitions which take place in 2012 and can help you to satisfy your aesthetic hunger.

It seems that Egyptian art will always be in fashion. However, there is no need to travel as far as Cairo to enjoy the pieces of art of this ancient civilization. Exhibition King Tut will be available in Seattle since May, 24 till January, 16, 2013. It will be located in the pacific Science center. As this exhibition is the creation of National Geographic you can be sure that you will receive strong impressions from visiting this event.

Video games were recently announced to be an art form and on the Exhibition “Game On” you will find evidence that it was done with reason. This event takes place in the Smithsonian American Art Museum and will end in September, 30 so you still have a chance to visit it. There you will be provided with a new view on gaming. Games are designed not only to satisfy the inner need for destruction, they promote the creative skills as well. Besides, you will be able to see new devices and technologies in graphics.

If you feel ready to percept unusual forms of art you should visit the exhibition “Ai WeiWei – According to What?”. This Chinese artist presents arguable works, and he was even arrested. He is not afraid to reflect the most acute themes in his art and you can value his sincerity in Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC. The event starts on the 4th of October, 2012 and ends on the 24th of February, 2013. The works of Ai Weiwei will be presented mostly in three genres – sculpture, photography and video.

For the fans of “Nirvana” the upcoming year has also prepared a pleasant surprise.

Throughout 2012 and till April, 2013 Seattle is a host of the exhibition “Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses”. You will see unique photos, video materials and artifacts of this famous band which became an idol for the whole generation.

Of course the list is far from being full so you can create your own personal calendar of interesting events according to your tastes.

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