Fish Defile

Fish is an exceptionally useful product. Fish dishes can become an excellent addition for romantic supper, light snack or party evening. Here are several recipes which will help you to discover that fish is not only useful but very tasty as well.

Rolls with zucchini and salmon can play the role of perfect snacks as it is extremely easy to prepare them. For 20-25 rolls you will need 200 gr. of salmon fillet, two zucchinis, 100 gr. of butter, lemon juice, 50 gr. of pine nuts, olive oil, salt, pepper and cress for decoration.

  • Cut salmon fillet in slim slices. Lay them out on a plate, add salt and pepper. Pour olive oil on them and put in a fridge for fifteen minutes.
  • Cut zucchini in slim strips, pour olive oil on them and put them in a fridge as well.
  • Lay a slice of salmon and tea spoon of butter on strips of zucchini. Wrap it in roll and fasten with a toothpick.
  • Lay the rolls out on a plate, pour olive oil and lemon juice on them, powder them with pine nuts and decorate with cress.

Cebiche is a traditional South American dish which presents fish marinated in lime juice. If to serve it in martini glasses with mango, cucumber and coriander it will decorate any party by both its taste and appearance. You will need 400 gr. of salmon fillet, one mango, two cucumbers, one tea spoon of chili pepper, 100 gr. of coriander, lime juice and salt.

  • Cut salmon fillet in cubes and marinate them in lime juice for fifteen minutes.
  • Clean mango and cut it in cubes. Perform the same procedure with cucumbers after removing pulp with a tea spoon.
  • Finely chop chili pepper and coriander.
  • Mix all ingredients, salt them and arrange the dish on glasses.

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