Is it cool to be rich?

Many of us dreamed about wealthy life and about rich parents. At first sight it looks cool indeed. Being rich you may afford whatever you want. Another Valentino dress? Why not? It is not a problem at all. Invite a Hollywood superstar to your party? Sure! Do you want a new cabriolet? Oh dear, do not worry, it will delivered tomorrow. It really sounds like a dream. Many of us are dreaming about careless and easy life. But money wouldn’t ease your life at all. Well, it depends on you and your parent of course. But there are so many examples of it. Let’s try to sort out in the subject.

Strangely enough but many rich people do not find it advantageous and even wish they were not wealthy. Some guys go nuts of being rich and do some silly things. Many of them can afford lots of different things such as drugs, alcohol and other harmful stuff. Touching on the theme I remember all these guys who have serious troubles only because they have money. I have heard a story about a guy who is jogging along with a bodyguard as he is afraid of to be kidnapped. Well, actually it can happen to anyone but he has a fair chance.

It happens quite often also that rich parents do not pay much attention to their kids as they think how to make more money. They are busy all the time. That’s why their kids are brought up by nannies and sometimes by relatives. It is not great. But at the same time it may happen to any other family as well no matter whether your parents are rich or poor. If someone’s parents are alcoholics then they do not pay attention to their children as well. That’s obvious.

Many rich people do not appreciate what they have especially if they were born rich. As the rule they are spoiled and quite arrogant towards others. They are sure that other people should serve them. That’s terrible of course.

Rich kids do not care much about their future. What for when there is no any motivation to work and develop. At least you have money and for many it means there is no need to work. Mainly they are very lazy and a bit ignorant. That’s no good also. I know some wealthy people who refuse to give money to their kids making them work. Well, it is much better of course but it can be quite stressful for children to realize how rich your parents are and how poor you are at the time. It seems like they go to the other extreme. But of course there are many examples when it work. People who were poor and became rich deserve respect as they appreciate what they got but as for their children then the subject is a bit controversial.

I do respect people who spend the money on philanthropy. Donating to charity is great. Just remember the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers and you will understand what I’m talking about.

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