Five Reasons to Visit Panama

If you try to invent some interesting travel destination right now, answer the following question – why not Panama? What do you know about this country? Nothing? Then may be it is time to explore it, besides, there are some reasons which will make you dream of Panama days and nights.

  • Beach. Thanks to its geographical position Panama is interesting in different aspects. The world economy likes Panama for its Panama Canal, while I find the beaches of this country washed by the water of two oceans more interesting. In the morning you can swim in one of them, and in the afternoon, after a half-hour flight – in another, till you get completely confused where the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Oceans are really situated. The Caribbean shores are spectaculars as well. The Caribbean Sea will surprise you with emerald transparent water.
  • History. The history of this country attracts a lot of tourists as well. Europeans has discovered this place in the beginning of the sixteenth century and founded English, Spanish, Scottish colonies there. You can follow the trade path on a tourist boat and see Las-Americas Bridge which was the first way to connect South and North America. Panama City has two old towns. In my opinion, the most interesting of them two is the one situated on San Felipe. The walk along its streets will provide you with the impression about the character of the country.
  • Exotic. It is plenty of it on Panama, and if you want to receive your portion you should visit Indian settlement Comarka Kuna Yala which presents 364 small islands, part of which are inhibited by Indians Kuna. To get there, you will have to undergo real adventure as it is possible for tourists to come to these islands only by plane, which can be easily called “paper”. It will provide you with enough exotic and adrenaline at the same time.
  • Relax. It is, probably, one of the best places in the world to relax. For instance, you can go to the island San Blas which is hardly bigger than a farm. It has only ten bungalows and it will take you only three minutes to walk along the whole its perimeter. Meditation, swimming and swaying in a hammock and in the evening you will not even remember your name.

5. Entertainment. To dance and have fun you should visit the disco zones which are situated in Panama City near the hotels Miramar Intercontinental and Marrriott. The doors are open wide, the music is loud, the tables are placed on the street and the atmosphere of careless joy is everywhere. The enter a bar with loud music will cost you nothing, while the ticket to the disco will be about five or six dollars, with the price of one drink included. Another place which never sleeps is a pedestrian zone near av. Amador. It connects the city with the islands of Perico, Naos and Flamenco. If you want to watch some performance, visit via Argentina where you will watch national dances and taste national cuisine.

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