Dealing with expulsion.

If your child is expelled you should not dramatize the situation. It is easier said than done but anyway you have to overcome your negative feelings. There are many families in the United States who face the problem of expulsion constantly. First of all you should find out the actual reasons of expulsion and learn the rights your child has being expelled in your state. Well, probably it is hard for you to realize it but in the case you should be as much supportive as possible. Partly it could be your fault your child has been expelled from the school. So there is no point at all to criticize and blame him or her all the time. You should try your best to help your child. As the rule the reasons for expulsion include the following: possession of a gun, usage of a firearm or attempt to distribute illegal drugs on school grounds. So it sounds really unpleasant. Anyway you should realize and take into account that violation of the school rights or disruptive actions by your kid may lead to expulsion but not necessarily.

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Staying Friends with Your Ex

When the relations are over, you have two options – to leave them in the past or try to stay friends with your ex. To lose a part of your life is always difficult and some of us share the illusion that it is possible to make good friendship out of unsuccessful romance.

However, almost in all cases the break up is the decision of one person, while the other one continues to hope that the partner will return. So, when you suggest staying friends your boyfriend can seize this opportunity to remain close to you till you understand your mistake, see how awesome he is and change your mind.

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Is it cool to be rich?

Many of us dreamed about wealthy life and about rich parents. At first sight it looks cool indeed. Being rich you may afford whatever you want. Another Valentino dress? Why not? It is not a problem at all. Invite a Hollywood superstar to your party? Sure! Do you want a new cabriolet? Oh dear, do not worry, it will delivered tomorrow. It really sounds like a dream. Many of us are dreaming about careless and easy life. But money wouldn’t ease your life at all. Well, it depends on you and your parent of course. But there are so many examples of it. Let’s try to sort out in the subject.

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How do you sleep?

American psychologists Mark Gulston and Samuel Dunkell drew attention to the fact that couples share their sleeping place in different ways. When we sleep, our bodies are at their most honest condition, so nighttime can tell a lot about the relationships between lovers.

One of the most popular pose is called ‘spoons.’ It looks like this: people are sleeping side-by-side, the bodies are very close. This is one of the most well-spread pose among people during the first few years of their relationships. Love and affection are strongly expressed. It looks like a vertical position, when the lovers give each other a back-to-front hug. This is also a sign of care, as traditionally a male is behind: he’s a protector of his family. Though there are women who prefer wrapping their partners: this is an indicator of a female-driven kind of relationships.

The second pose is called ‘Back to back .” Some people say this is a sign of lack of closeness and warmth between the lovers. This is an alarming thing: people start losing interest to each other.

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