Forgive me, please, the fans of popular series, but this article is not about the adventures on the mysterious island. Forgive me also those who are in search of their way in life and of some psychological advice on this topic, as this article is not about finding yourself as well. It is just about me and my topographic idiocy.

The fact is, I totally can not orientate in space. When I was in middle school I came to visit my friend who lived a few blocks away from me. However, short distance did not help me as on my way back home I got lost practically in a few buildings and it took me an hour to cover the way which normally should be done in ten minutes.

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When dreams come true.

Are you a dreamy person? Do you really want all your dreams come true? Seriously? They say that the thoughts become things so be careful wishing something. Yogi Gupta wrote once that “thoughts and things are correlated. Every thought reminds you of a thing. Similarly, every thing reminds of a thought. Always there is an action and reaction between things and thoughts. Things react to your thoughts, and thoughts react to things. […] According to the modern sciences of psychology, physiology and metaphysics, it has been proven that thoughts do transform, rearrange and set into motion and activity the material particles in our brains thereby creating a specific mental state ”.

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