Funny Treatment

Hospitals are not supposed to be the places of fun or entertainment. However, if the patients are very young and their disease is serious, certain exceptions are made to make the process of their treatment or rehabilitation a little bit brighter. One of the most famous methods which have already proved its efficiency is the clown therapy.

The whole process has started in New York, USA, where the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit was founded in 1986. Nowadays this program became very popular and is widely used in hospitals all over the world. Professional clowns as well as volunteers visit hospitals and show bright performances to cheer the patients up. Originally they worked with kids, but adult patients sometimes need this kind of therapy, too. In the beginning of this movement clowns were viewed just as some additional help meant to bring some fun in the grey hospital routine. However, some physicians consider that clown therapy plays not the last role in the process of healing as well.

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