To a man with a big nose.

Approximately half a year ago I was sitting in the cafe having lunch. Once I caught a very intent look on me, and realized that a very handsome man was giving me a piercing glance. He was extremely attractive, brown-eyed, neat… and sexy. And had a thought: Is that cutie as good in bed as well he looks? It was something subconscious, don’t judge me too strictly. But I’ll go ahead and tell you that he came up to my table and we made the acquaintance.

So, many women are trying to figure out the outer signs of men’s sex appeal. Although everything is not that clear – as a rule, and we are often mistaken. Let’s start with height and figure. In our romantic dreams, we always see a tall, slim, brawny macho, but not ordinary shorties at all. Although, evidence suggests, that you can take much more endearment from such imperfect men who will try to compensate for there outward shortcomings.

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