5 Most Dangerous Cults Ever

  • Ho-no-Hana is the Japanese neobuddhist sect which was founded in 1987. The name of the cult denotes “ the teaching of a flower”. The followers of the cult believed that their leader Hogen Fukunaga possessed the supernatural power and was able to see the past and predict the future by looking at people’s legs.

At the most successful times the number of the Ho-no-Hana reached 30 thousand of people. The leader of the sect was a fraud who promised to heal the severe diseases such as cancer or AIDS for the significant sums of money.

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Attitude to Pregnancy in Different Cultures

Every nation is unique and the cultures have different values and world images. But all of them coincide in one thing: the birth of a baby is a great mystery and the biggest happiness foe each woman. The attitude towards pregnancy is described as athrob and respectful. This is the most important period of life for every couple. But different countries have various traditions and beliefs connected with pregnancy.

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