The Most Creepy Tribe of the World

One of the most unusual tribes of the world called Mursi lives in Ethiopia. Mursi is considered to be the most aggressive nationality of all the existing ones. Every Mursi man carries a gun with him to shoot anyone who dares to insult him. The guns are supplied illegally. The men use to drink alcohol every morning so the bloody murders are a common thing to happen there. The ones who don’t have a gun carry a long and heavy stick to beat up the foes and establish his leadership.

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Attitude to Pregnancy in Different Cultures

Every nation is unique and the cultures have different values and world images. But all of them coincide in one thing: the birth of a baby is a great mystery and the biggest happiness foe each woman. The attitude towards pregnancy is described as athrob and respectful. This is the most important period of life for every couple. But different countries have various traditions and beliefs connected with pregnancy.

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